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British pronunciation/tˈɪtma‍ʊs/
American pronunciation/tˈɪtmaʊs/

a small songbird with a plump body and long tail, common in Eurasia and Africa, which feeds on insects

synonyms : tit
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titmouse definition and meaning

What is a "titmouse"?

A titmouse is a small passerine bird that belongs to the family Paridae. These charming birds are known for their lively behavior, distinctive crests, and playful nature. Titmice are found in woodlands and forests across North America, Europe, and Asia. They have a compact body, short wings, and a strong beak that they use to crack open seeds and insects. Titmice are agile climbers and can often be seen hopping and hanging upside down from tree branches as they forage for food. They have a wide variety of vocalizations, including whistles, calls, and songs, which they use to communicate with their flock members. Titmice are social birds and often form small groups or join mixed-species foraging flocks. Their plumage varies among species but typically features a combination of gray, white, and black feathers. With their cheerful presence and acrobatic antics, Titmice add a delightful touch to the natural world.

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