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British pronunciation/tˈɛlɪkˌɒnfɹəns/
American pronunciation/ˌtɛɫəˈkɑnfɹəns/

a meeting held among several people who are in different locations, linked via the Internet

synonyms : teleconferencing
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teleconference definition and meaning
to teleconference

to attend in a meeting the participants of which are at different locations and are linked through telecommunications devices

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to teleconference definition and meaning
1We've had monthly teleconferences at the highest level-- the highest level of organization.
2They alert the Pentagon of the threat, as well as Strategic Command, who would initiate an emergency teleconference with the president and his advisors, including the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Advisor.
3If you're on a teleconference, you want to make sure that the physical gestures you're using, like you can see my hand my movements.
4So we are going to continue providing briefings, in this forum as well as in a teleconference or online forum.
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