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British pronunciation/stˈaɪlɪʃnəs/
American pronunciation/stˈaɪlɪʃnəs/

the quality of being fashionable and having style

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stylishness definition and meaning

What is "stylishness"?

Stylishness is the quality of being fashionable, attractive, and trendy in one's appearance or behavior. It is a measure of how well an individual can put together a look that complements their body shape, personality, and occasion. A stylish person is someone who possesses a certain flair or panache that makes them stand out in a crowd. This quality is often associated with creativity, confidence, and attention to detail. Stylish individual has a keen eye for fashion, and they are often aware of the latest trends and what suits their personal style. Overall, stylishness is about how well someone can express themselves through their clothing and accessories, and how confident they are in doing so.

1I've combined European stylishness with legendary German reliability, in this BMW Z3.
2So anyway, I'm still using an angle like stylishness in this in this article.
3I would say find a compromise between comfort, functionality, and stylishness.
4Dancing has had nothing to do with dancing well, being young or revealing one’s stylishness.
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