British pronunciation/sˈændpɪpɐ/
American pronunciation/sˈændpɪpɚ/

a shorebird with long legs and a long soft-tipped bill that feeds on coastal creatures

What is a "sandpiper"?


A sandpiper is a small to medium-sized shorebird that is adapted to live in coastal and freshwater habitats. With long, slender legs and a slender, probing bill, sandpipers are well-suited for foraging in sandy or muddy areas. They are known for their quick and darting movements along the shoreline as they search for small invertebrates such as insects, worms, and crustaceans. Sandpipers often feed by pecking or probing the substrate, using their bill to detect prey beneath the surface. These birds are highly migratory, with many species undertaking long-distance journeys during annual migration. Sandpipers can be found in various parts of the world, from sandy beaches to marshes, mudflats, and shallow water bodies. They typically have intricate plumage patterns that provide camouflage in their natural habitats. Sandpipers are a fascinating group of birds that showcase agility, adaptability, and reliance on coastal and wetland ecosystems for their survival.

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