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British pronunciation/ɹˈa‍ɪnstə‍ʊn/
American pronunciation/ˈɹaɪnˌstoʊn/

an artificial stone made of crystal glass or acrylic to look like diamond, used on clothes and in making cheap jewelry

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rhinestone definition and meaning

What is a "rhinestone"?

A rhinestone is an inexpensive, artificial gemstone that is usually made of plastic, glass or acrylic materials. They are often used as a substitute for diamonds and other precious stones in jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Rhinestones come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can be glued or sewn onto fabric or other materials to add a decorative touch. They are popular in costume jewelry and are used to adorn dance costumes, pageant gowns, and other formal wear. The name "rhinestone" comes from the discovery of rock crystals near the Rhine River in Austria, which were later used to create imitation diamonds.

1Leather cut-outs, rhinestones.
2I bought rhinestones.
3The rhinestones spelled out NO FUTURE.
4Put a rhinestone on it.
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