British pronunciation/ɹˈe‍ɪzəbˌɪl/
American pronunciation/ɹˈeɪzɚbˌɪl/

a colonial seabird originally from the North Atlantic with a beak that resembles a razor

What is a "razorbill"?


A razorbill is a seabird with a distinctive black and white plumage, characterized by its sharp, pointed beak. It belongs to the family of auks and is known for its excellent diving and swimming abilities. The razorbill spends most of its life at sea, returning to coastal cliffs and rocky ledges only for breeding purposes. During the breeding season, the birds form large colonies, where they build nests and lay a single egg. Razorbill pairs are known for their strong bond, often returning to the same breeding site year after year. These agile birds primarily feed on small fish and marine invertebrates, catching their prey by diving deep into the water. With their sleek appearance and remarkable diving skills, razorbills are a captivating sight along the coastlines they inhabit.

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