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British pronunciation/ɹˈæmbjuːtən/
American pronunciation/ɹˈæmbjuːtən/

a red tropical fruit with a slightly acidic taste, covered with soft spines, originally growing in Southeast Asia

synonyms : rambotan
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rambutan definition and meaning

What is a "rambutan"?

Rambutan is a tropical fruit that originated in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is known for its distinctive appearance, with hairy red or yellow skin. Once peeled, the rambutan reveals a sweet and juicy flesh, which surrounds a single seed. Rambutan trees thrive in warm climates, and they can be found in various tropical regions around the world, including parts of Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. Rambutan is often sold at local markets, fruit stands, and grocery stores in these regions, allowing people to enjoy its unique taste and texture.


Malayan tree bearing spiny red fruit

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1The kids were fascinated by the unique appearance of rambutan and eagerly tried it.
2I love peeling the spiky skin of a rambutan and enjoying the juicy flesh inside.
3What's a rambutan?
4Is rambutan, the fruit.
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