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Prince albert

British pronunciation/pɹˈɪns ˈalbət/
American pronunciation/pɹˈɪns ˈælbɚt/
Prince albert

a formal men's coat typically worn at weddings during the Victorian era

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prince albert definition and meaning

What is a "prince albert"?

A Prince Albert coat is a formal, knee-length coat that is typically worn for evening events. It features a short, tailored waist and flares out slightly towards the bottom. The coat usually has a peaked lapel and is typically made from wool or velvet. It was originally popularized by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, in the mid-19th century, and became a fashionable garment for men during the Victorian era. Today, the Prince Albert coat is still worn for formal occasions and is often paired with a black tie or white tie dress code.


prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)

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1The third component was good Prince Albert.
2That's Prince Albert of Monaco.
3Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III had three children, Prince Albert, Princess Caroline, and Princess Stephanie.
4But Prince Albert the First suspended the new constitution during the war.
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