Baby tooth
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British pronunciation/bˈeɪbi tˈuːθ/
American pronunciation/bˈeɪbi tˈuːθ/

any of the temporary teeth in young children that falls out and is later replaced with a permanent one

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baby tooth definition and meaning

What is a "baby tooth"?

A baby tooth, also known as a deciduous tooth or primary tooth, refers to the set of temporary teeth that emerge in the mouths of infants and young children. These teeth typically begin to appear around six months of age and continue to erupt until the age of two or three. Baby teeth serve important functions, such as aiding in chewing, speech development, and providing space for permanent teeth to grow. Over time, they naturally fall out to make way for the eruption of permanent teeth.

The toddler proudly exclaimed, "Look, Mommy, my baby tooth fell out!"
The parent noticed a cavity in their child's baby tooth and scheduled an appointment with the dentist for a filling.
The child eagerly awaited the arrival of the Tooth Fairy after losing their first baby tooth.
The dentist reassured the parent that the pain their child was experiencing was due to the eruption of a new baby tooth.
The preschooler proudly showed off their wobbly baby tooth to their classmates, excited for it to fall out.
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Meaning of "Baby tooth"
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