Baby's dummy
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British pronunciation/bˈeɪbiz dˈʌmi/
American pronunciation/bˈeɪbiz dˈʌmi/

a small, nipple-shaped object made from rubber or silicone, intended for infants to suck on as a means of providing comfort

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baby's dummy definition and meaning

What is "baby's dummy"?

A baby's dummy is a nipple-shaped, non-nutritive device made from rubber or silicone that infants can suck on to provide comfort and soothe themselves. It is designed to mimic the shape and feel of a real nipple and can help satisfy a baby's natural instinct to suck. Baby dummies offer temporary relief for fussiness or agitation and can be used as a calming tool during sleep or stressful situations. However, it's important to note that the prolonged or excessive use of a baby's dummy may have potential impacts on oral development and should be used with caution and in consideration of the baby's individual needs and age.

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