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Pencil case

British pronunciation/pˈɛnsəl kˈeɪs/
American pronunciation/pˈɛnsəl kˈeɪs/
Pencil case

a box that is used for holding pencils, pens, etc.

synonyms : pencil box
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pencil case definition and meaning
1Scented erasers, super cool planner, pencil case, none of these excite me, when's lunch?
2If I told you what this pen represents for me, you could get an idea from the fact that I keep it here, in my pocket not in my pencil case.
3I've got some snacks, got a little jar that I use as a pencil case, I guess, that I painted, I've got a little set up of some pictures with my friends and just help me stay a little motivated.
4And the next mom hack someone sent in that I thought was a great idea, was to make a little mini first aid kit in a pencil case or a small makeup case.
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