Pack rat
British pronunciation/pˈak ɹˈat/
American pronunciation/pˈæk ɹˈæt/

any rodent that hoards food in its nest which has a bushy long tail, large ears and is native to North and Central America

What is a "pack rat"?


The pack rat, also known as a woodrat, is a medium-sized rodent known for its unique nesting behavior and habit of collecting various objects. Pack rats are typically found in North and Central America, and they are known for their ability to build elaborate nests, called middens, made of sticks, leaves, and other materials. These nests can be quite large and may contain a wide range of objects, including rocks, bones, shells, and even shiny items like coins or pieces of metal. Pack rats are primarily nocturnal and solitary animals, and they are herbivorous, feeding on a variety of plant materials, including leaves, twigs, seeds, and fruits. They have relatively large ears, large eyes, and a long, furry tail. Pack rats are known for their remarkable ability to adapt to different environments and their unique nesting behavior, which has been the subject of scientific study and observation.


someone who collects things that have been discarded by others

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