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British pronunciation/ˈɔːɹe‍ɪnd‍ʒˌiːd/
American pronunciation/ˈoːɹeɪndʒˌiːd/

a sweetened drink with orange flavor that in the UK it is carbonated but in the US it is consumed both with and without bubbles

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orangeade definition and meaning

What is "orangeade"?

Orangeade is a sweet and tangy beverage that is made by combining freshly squeezed orange juice with sugar and water. It is similar to lemonade but with a distinct orange flavor and is often served over ice. Orangeade can be made using freshly squeezed orange juice or bottled orange juice, and can be sweetened with sugar, honey, or other sweeteners. It is a popular drink during warm weather and is often associated with summer picnics or barbecues. Orangeade is a healthy and natural alternative to sugary soft drinks and is often consumed as a part of a balanced diet. It is a versatile and customizable drink that can be adapted to suit different tastes and occasions. Orangeade can be made at home using fresh ingredients or purchased ready-made from grocery stores or cafes.

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