On the face of it
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British pronunciation/ɒnðə fˈeɪs ɒv ɪt/
American pronunciation/ɑːnðə fˈeɪs ʌv ɪt/

used to state that something appears to be true or appealing at first glance

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What is the origin of the idiom "on the face of it" and when to use it?

The idiom "on the face of it" originated from the notion of evaluating or judging something based on its surface appearance or initial impression. It implies that the observed or apparent characteristics suggest a particular understanding or conclusion, but further examination or consideration may reveal a different or more complex reality. The phrase emphasizes the need to delve deeper or look beyond the superficial aspects to obtain a more accurate understanding or assessment of a situation or subject.

On the face of it, the job offer seemed perfect, but after researching the company culture, I realized it might not be the right fit.
On the face of it, the painting seemed simple, but art enthusiasts recognized the underlying symbolism and intricate techniques upon closer examination.
The proposal, on the face of it, appeared promising, but upon closer analysis, we discovered several hidden costs and risks.
The politician's promises, on the face of it, were appealing, but many questioned their feasibility and potential consequences.
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Meaning of "On the face of it"
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