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British pronunciation/nˈʌθæt‍ʃ/
American pronunciation/nˈʌθætʃ/

a small songbird with a long bill that climbs up and down tree trunks to feed on insects and nuts

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nuthatch definition and meaning

What is a "nuthatch"?

A nuthatch is a small passerine bird known for its unique and agile climbing abilities. With its compact body, short tail, and strong legs, the Nuthatch is well-adapted for easily moving up and down tree trunks and branches. These birds have a distinct downward-facing bill, which they use to pry open bark and search for insects and seeds hidden underneath. Nuthatches are found in woodlands and forests across North America, Europe, and Asia. They have a distinct "yank-yank" call and are known for their distinctive habit of wedging nuts and seeds into tree crevices and using their bills to hammer them open. Nuthatches are also known for their unique head-first descent when climbing down trees. Their striking plumage, which often combines blue, gray, and rusty tones, adds to their charm. With their active and inquisitive nature, Nuthatches bring a lively presence to the woodland ecosystem.

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