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British pronunciation/njˈuːt/
American pronunciation/ˈnut/

a semi-aquatic amphibian related to salamanders that is cold-blooded and has a long tail

synonyms : triton
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newt definition and meaning

What is a "newt"?

A newt is a small amphibian that belongs to the Salamandridae family. It typically has a slender body, smooth skin, and a long tail. Newts are known for their ability to regenerate lost body parts, including limbs and even parts of their spinal cord. They primarily live in aquatic environments, such as ponds, lakes, and streams, but some species can also be found in moist terrestrial habitats. Newts are active hunters, feeding on insects, small invertebrates, and sometimes even smaller amphibians. With their vibrant colors and unique life cycle, newts are fascinating creatures to observe in the natural world.

1If a newt's leg is amputated, it will grow a new one.
2One, two, three, tap a newt.
3NEWT "Because I like you."
4NEWT "Because you're my friend."
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