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British pronunciation/nˈɛvəs/
American pronunciation/nˈɛvəs/

a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth

synonyms : birthmark
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nevus definition and meaning
1You didn't get the strawberry nevus but you got the strawberry.
2- It is actually, a strawberry nevus also known as a strawberry hemangioma.
3so you'll see red and brown little discoloration type specks on the lower leg and then something called spider veins or another name would be spider nevus which usually see this in cirrhosis and what's happening to the liver is you're building up a lot of estrogen and too much estrogen can affect the vascular system so you can see varicose veins and spider veins and you can see them in the lower legs then we have cracked heels
4We won’t get into the details of the computer science on it, but after training that model back and forth, it ultimately comes to a conclusion when being quizzed on a new lesion or a new image, and it renders a diagnosis, whether that’s a melanoma, a dysplastic nevus or whatever it may be.
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