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Attack dog

British pronunciation/ɐtˈak dˈɒɡ/
American pronunciation/ɐtˈæk dˈɑːɡ/
Attack dog

a dog that is trained to defend or protect its owner in face of a threat or danger

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attack dog definition and meaning

What is an "attack dog"?

An attack dog, also known as a protection dog or guard dog, is a specially trained canine that is used to protect property, individuals, or other assets by deterring, threatening, or apprehending potential threats. These dogs are typically trained to be highly obedient, physically strong, and have advanced skills in bite work, apprehension, and aggression control. Attack dogs are often used in law enforcement, military, and security applications, as well as by private individuals or organizations for personal protection or property security purposes. Proper training, handling, and management are critical for the responsible use of attack dogs to ensure their safety, effectiveness, and appropriate response to potential threats.

1Just across the rugby field's boundary, two guys were exercising attack dogs.
2I'm an attack dog now!
3Luckily, cases of coyotes attacking dogs are very uncommon.
4A century and attack dogs have already proved their worth for interior guard duty.
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