Nail file
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British pronunciation/nˈeɪlfaɪl/
American pronunciation/nˈeɪlfaɪl/

a metal rough surface used for shaping and evening rough fingernails and toenails

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nail file definition and meaning

What is a "nail file"?

A nail file is a grooming tool used to shape, smooth, and refine the edges of the fingernails and toenails. It typically consists of a flat, abrasive surface made of materials like emery, metal, or glass. By gently rubbing the file against the nails, it helps to remove rough edges, shape the nail tips, and create a desired nail shape, such as square, rounded, or oval. Nail files come in various sizes, grits, and designs, allowing for different levels of filing and customization. They are an essential tool for maintaining well-groomed nails, promoting nail health, and providing a smooth surface for the application of nail polish or other nail enhancements.

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