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British pronunciation/ɐsˈɪdjuːəsnəs/
American pronunciation/ɐsˈɪdjuːəsnəs/

great and constant diligence and attention

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assiduousness definition and meaning
1and so they treated the information about where the package was with the same assiduousness that they did the packages themselves
2so i could be a little more lax in my uh uh uh assiduousness about the gloss black undercoat but over that went uh my favorite chrome molotow chrome paint um this is a refill for the molotow pens you can buy on amazon i think i used five of these to coat this entire thing
3it may it's still gonna suck but boy is your employer going to notice that and if they don't notice that if they take that kind of assiduousness for granted they're dummies because you can't take that for granted you have to reward it celebrate it give it a bonus those kind of things
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