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British pronunciation/mˈe‍ɪfla‍ɪ/
American pronunciation/mˈeɪflaɪ/

an aquatic insect with transparent wings and a long tail, the nymph of which is herbivorous

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mayfly definition and meaning

What is a "mayfly"?

A mayfly is an insect known for its brief adult lifespan and delicate appearance. It is often found near freshwater bodies such as rivers, streams, and lakes. Mayflies have slender bodies and two pairs of membranous wings that are held upright when at rest. They are characterized by their short lifespan, with some species living for only a few hours or days as adults. Mayflies are primarily known for their synchronized mass emergences, also known as "hatches," where large numbers of individuals take to the air for mating and reproduction. During this time, they can create swarms that are quite impressive to witness. Mayflies are an important part of aquatic ecosystems, serving as a food source for many other organisms.

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