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Lumber jacket

British pronunciation/lˈʌmbə dʒˈakɪt/
American pronunciation/lˈʌmbɚ dʒˈækɪt/
Lumber jacket

a heavy, warm jacket typically made of wool or flannel, and often features a plaid pattern

synonyms : lumberjack
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lumber jacket definition and meaning

What is a "lumber jacket"?

A lumber jacket, also known as a lumberjack, is a type of shirt or jacket traditionally worn by lumberjacks and other outdoor workers. It typically features a plaid pattern of vertical and horizontal stripes in various colors and is made of heavy, durable materials such as wool or flannel to provide warmth and protection from the elements. The design usually includes a button front, long sleeves, and a collar, with some versions having additional features like chest pockets and reinforced elbows for added durability. Today, lumber jackets have become a popular fashion item and can be worn by anyone looking for a casual, rugged style.

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