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Knitting needle

British pronunciation/nˈɪtɪŋ nˈiːdəl/
American pronunciation/nˈɪɾɪŋ nˈiːdəl/
Knitting needle

a long, thin, pointed tool used in knitting to hold stitches and manipulate yarn

synonyms : knitting pin
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knitting needle definition and meaning

What is a "knitting needle"?

A knitting needle is a long, slender tool used to create knitted fabric by hand. Typically made of metal, wood, or plastic, they come in various sizes and styles, with different point shapes and lengths. They are designed with a tapered end to easily slip through the loops of yarn and can be straight or circular. The size of the needle determines the size of the stitches and ultimately the size of the finished project. Knitting needles are essential for knitting, as they allow for the creation of a wide range of patterns, textures, and designs. They are used in a rhythmic motion, with each stitch carefully crafted and counted to create the desired outcome.

1You need both the knitting needles and you need yarn.
2You can, however, bring metal scissors with pointy 4 inch blades or giant steel knitting needles.
3As a grown adult, for way too long, I've hung on to the yarn and the knitting needles and the crochet needles and the tatting shuttles and all of these things and I recently got rid of all of that stuff.
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