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Hillbilly music

British pronunciation/hˈɪlbɪlˌi mjˈuːzɪk/
American pronunciation/hˈɪlbɪli mjˈuːzɪk/
Hillbilly music

a popular type of folk music originally from the mountainous parts of the US with dance tunes and ballads played on stringed instruments such as banjos, guitars, etc.

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hillbilly music definition and meaning
1It was the opening shot of what would become a multibillion-dollar industry, including everything, from so-called hillbilly music, to bluegrass, honky-tonk songs, outlaw jams, and the neotraditional, hard-rocking, and pop country sounds of today.
2The reason why most people don't know about it has to do with decisions that were made in the recording industry in the 1920s, in particular, the decision to market country music, or what was then known as hillbilly music, to white consumers.
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