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Health spa

British pronunciation/hˈɛlθ spˈɑː/
American pronunciation/hˈɛlθ spˈɑː/
Health spa

a fitness center or an establishment that provides pieces of equipment and facilities for people to exercise in and improve their physical fitness

synonyms : health club
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health spa definition and meaning
1The temples were precursors, in a way, to health spas, sanatoria or hospitals.
2Most skincare specialists work in salons or health spas, but some work in medical offices and other settings.
3In June 2008, a Russian health spa unveiled this fabulously freakish work of art, which features three adorable cherubs teaming up to carry a certain type of medical bag on their backs.
4Included in that $2 billion price tag is a temple, a helipad, a ballroom, health spa, movie theater, 168 car garage, and even an ice cream parlor.
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