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Giant panda

British pronunciation/dʒˈaɪənt pˈandə/
American pronunciation/dʒˈaɪənt pˈændə/
Giant panda

a large mammal that looks like a bear with black and white fur and eats bamboos, usually found in China

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giant panda definition and meaning

What is a "giant panda"?

The giant panda, scientifically known as Ailuropoda melanoleuca, is a unique and iconic bear species native to China. It is instantly recognizable by its distinctive black and white fur, with black patches around its eyes, ears, and limbs, and a white body with black markings. Giant pandas have a stocky build, with a round face and a short tail. They are primarily herbivorous, feeding almost exclusively on bamboo, but they are also known to eat fruits, vegetables, and occasionally small mammals. Giant pandas are solitary and elusive animals, known for their gentle nature and slow movements. They are classified as a vulnerable species, with a limited distribution range and a declining population due to habitat loss and fragmentation. Giant pandas are considered a national treasure in China and are often used as a symbol of conservation efforts and wildlife preservation.

1Giant pandas only ovulate once a year in the spring for only a period of two to four days.
2Number four is the giant panda.
3Giant pandas are instantly recognizable.
4So giant pandas are more closely related to a black bear than a red panda.
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