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Game bird

British pronunciation/ɡˈeɪm bˈɜːd/
American pronunciation/ɡˈeɪm bˈɜːd/
Game bird

a bird that is hunted by people either for sport or food

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game bird definition and meaning

What is a "game bird"?

A game bird is a type of bird that is hunted for sport or food. They are typically wild birds, but some are raised in captivity for hunting purposes. These birds are known for their delicious meat, and hunting them has been a popular activity for centuries. Game birds include species such as pheasants, quail, grouse, and partridges. They are typically found in wooded or grassy areas, and many are known for their colorful feathers and distinctive calls. Game birds are often hunted using trained hunting dogs or by flushing them out of hiding spots. While hunting game birds can be controversial, it remains a popular activity in many parts of the world.

1He watched a tutorial on how to spatchcock game birds.
2So the game birds release all its flavor.
3A chartreuse is for the game birds.
4It's a game bird.
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