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French door

British pronunciation/fɹˈɛntʃ dˈɔː/
American pronunciation/fɹˈɛntʃ dˈoːɹ/
French door

a pair of glass doors, particularly ones that open to a garden or balcony

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French door definition and meaning
1The French doors were open.
2And she nodded significantly towards the French doors.
3I mean, if you live around here and you have French doors, you've possibly seen raccoons at your door, just sort of like looking in, like, hey, what's going on in there?
4In the case on the restored side where you still saw scratches, part of the reason they're still there is not only because they're part of the record but also because we were discovering when we were trying to minimize them that it was actually introducing those digital artifacts, or actually in the case where the French doors were behind that scratched area, they were removing the, you know, the wood in between the panes of glass.
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