Eyebrow pencil
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British pronunciation/ˈaɪbɹaʊ pˈɛnsəl/
American pronunciation/ˈaɪbɹaʊ pˈɛnsəl/

a cosmetic pencil used to improve or accentuate the shape of the eyebrows

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eyebrow pencil definition and meaning

What is an "eyebrow pencil"?

An eyebrow pencil is a cosmetic tool used to define, shape, and enhance the appearance of eyebrows. It typically comes in a pencil or retractable format with a fine tip that allows for precise application. Eyebrow pencils are available in various shades to match different hair colors and can be used to fill in sparse areas, create a desired eyebrow shape, and add depth and dimension to the brows. They are commonly used to achieve well-groomed, natural-looking eyebrows by adding definition, thickness, and arches. Eyebrow pencils are a popular choice in personal care routines for those seeking to accentuate and frame their eyes with beautifully shaped eyebrows.

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