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British pronunciation/dˈɒbsənflˌaɪ/
American pronunciation/dˈɑːbsənflˌaɪ/

a large insect with long mandibles and prominent wings, typically found near bodies of water

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dobsonfly definition and meaning

What is a "dobsonfly"?

A dobsonfly is a large insect with distinctive long mandibles, prominent wings, and a generally ferocious appearance. The males have longer mandibles than the females, which they use for combat and courtship displays. Despite their intimidating appearance, dobsonflies are not aggressive towards humans and are primarily attracted to bodies of water, where their larvae develop. They are commonly found near streams and rivers, and their presence serves as an indicator of good water quality.

1The hellgrammite is actually the larva stage of the dobsonfly.
2Now the hellgrammite is actually the larva stage of the dobsonfly.
3Now, the dobsonfly, you may be thinking to yourself, oh, well is that maybe some beautiful butterfly-type creature?
4Well, we're gonna let all these little hellgrammites go back off into the wild and they're going to metamorphisize into dobsonflies.
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