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Deathwatch beetle

British pronunciation/dˈɛθwɒtʃ bˈiːtəl/
American pronunciation/dˈɛθwɑːtʃ bˈiːɾəl/
Deathwatch beetle

a small beetle that infests old wooden structures, the adults of which make a ticking sound as a mating call

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deathwatch beetle definition and meaning

What is a "deathwatch beetle"?

A deathwatch beetle is a small, wood-boring insect known for its distinct ticking sound, resembling the ticking of a watch, which it produces by tapping its head against surfaces. These beetles are commonly found in old wooden structures, such as furniture, beams, and timbers. They are attracted to decayed wood and are often considered a pest due to their ability to cause damage to wooden structures. The name "deathwatch" comes from the belief that the sound produced by these beetles was a foreboding signal of impending death.

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