Coat hanger
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British pronunciation/kˈəʊt hˈaŋə/
American pronunciation/kˈoʊt hˈæŋɚ/

a device, typically made of wood, plastic, or wire, used to hang and store clothing

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coat hanger definition and meaning

What is a "coat hanger"?

A coat hanger is a device used to hang and support a coat, jacket, or other types of clothing to prevent them from getting wrinkled or creased. It is typically made of plastic or wire and features a hook or a hanger that allows it to be hung on a rod or a hook. Coat hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including those with clips or clamps that allow for the hanging of skirts or pants. Some coat hangers also feature padding or grips to keep clothes from slipping off, while others are designed with special shapes or features for specific types of garments. Coat hangers are commonly found in closets, wardrobes, and laundry rooms, and are essential tools for keeping clothes organized and in good condition.

The bent wire coat hanger was repurposed as a makeshift hook.
She twisted the wire coat hanger into a hook shape to hang her keys by the door.
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Meaning of "Coat hanger"
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