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British pronunciation/klˈæsɪsˌɪzəm/
American pronunciation/ˈkɫæsɪˌsɪzəm/

a style of art and literature associated with harmony, simplicity, and beauty based on the standards of ancient Greece and Rome, Classicism was popular in Europe from the Renaissance to the 18th century

synonyms : classicalism
antonyms : Romanticism
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classicism definition and meaning
1And ultimately, it's a form of classicism.
2Aaron wanted to move it in a direction more into classicism architecture.
3Created by the Greeks and developed by the Romans, Classicism defined what elegant buildings should be like for more than a thousand five hundred years.
4And this is what he found in Wagner's music, a rejection of the roots of Rossini kind of sentimentalism of Italian music, and in fact the classicism and coldness and pretentiousness in the music of Beethoven.
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