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Cd burner

British pronunciation/sˌiːdˈiː bˈɜːnə/
American pronunciation/sˌiːdˈiː bˈɜːnɚ/
Cd burner

a piece of equipment or the software that is needed for copying sound or other information on a CD

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cd burner definition and meaning
1I got a CD burner.
2At my girlfriend's house at the time had one of the very first CD burners that was out, because she came from a really wealthy family.
3It had to have the internet emerging, and MP3 as a standard, and CD burners that allow people to rip music, and then the iPod, and the iPhone, and screens, and so all of these things coming together in disrupting this industry.
4Please note that you have to have a CD burner in your computer to burn a CD, but I'm gonna go ahead and put a blank CD in my CD drive.
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