call the shots
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British pronunciation/kˈɔːl ðə ʃˈɒts tjˈuːn/
American pronunciation/kˈɔːl ðə ʃˈɑːts tˈuːn/

to be in control of a particular situation and be the one who decides what needs to be done

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to [call] the (shots|tune) definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "call the shots" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "call the shots" can be traced back to the sport of billiards or pool. In billiards, the player who "calls the shots" is the one who declares which ball they intend to hit and into which pocket it will go. By doing so, they take control of the game and determine the sequence of shots. It is often used when discussing leadership roles, management positions, or situations where one is responsible for directing and determining the course of action.

The project manager calls the shots in terms of deadlines, resource allocation, and project milestones.
As the team captain, she calls the shots on the field and directs the plays.
The director calls the tune during the film production, deciding on scenes, camera angles, and overall creative vision.
In their relationship, he likes to call the tune and make most of the decisions.
The politician realized that he who pays the piper, calls the tune, and that he needed to listen to the concerns of his campaign donors.
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Meaning of "To [call] the (shots|tune)"
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