Cumulative trauma disorder
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British pronunciation/kjˈuːmjʊlətˌɪv tɹˈɔːmə dɪsˈɔːdə/
American pronunciation/kjˈuːmjʊlətˌɪv tɹˈɔːmə dɪsˈoːɹdɚ/

a condition caused by repetitive motions or prolonged, repetitive use of certain muscles, tendons, or nerves, leading to pain, inflammation, and functional impairment in affected areas

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What is "cumulative trauma disorder"?

Cumulative trauma disorder, also known as repetitive strain injury, is a condition that develops over time due to repeated motions or activities that strain the body. It often affects muscles, tendons, and nerves, causing symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the affected area. Common examples include carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Treatment typically involves rest, changing activities to reduce strain, physical therapy, and sometimes medication to manage pain and inflammation. Simple measures such as adjusting how one works and taking regular breaks during repetitive tasks can help reduce the risk of developing cumulative trauma disorder.

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Meaning of "Cumulative trauma disorder"
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