A short fuse
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British pronunciation/ɐ ʃˈɔːt fjˈuːz/
American pronunciation/ɐ ʃˈɔːɹt fjˈuːz/

one's tendency to suddenly become enraged due to having low tolerance

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a short fuse definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "short fuse" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "short fuse" can be traced to the field of explosives and pyrotechnics, where a fuse is a cord or wire used to ignite an explosive device. In this context, a "short fuse" refers to a fuse that burns quickly, causing the explosive to detonate rapidly after ignition. This phrase can be applied to personal relationships, work environments, or any situation where discussions about anger management, impatience, or quick-triggered reactions arise. It is often used to convey a sense of warning or caution, suggesting that the person in question may react explosively or disproportionately to even minor provocations.

She had a short fuse during the family gathering and ended up storming out of the room.
He has a short fuse and often snaps at others for minor mistakes.
If he doesn't get enough sleep, he will likely have a short fuse and be easily irritated.
I'm concerned that she will have a short fuse during the exam due to the pressure.
Yesterday, he had a short fuse and got into an argument with his coworker over a small disagreement.
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Meaning of "A short fuse"
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