Cheese cracker
British pronunciation/tʃiːz kɹakə/
American pronunciation/tʃiːz kɹækɚ/

a type of snack cracker made with cheese as one of its main ingredients, typically baked or fried until crispy

What is "cheese cracker"?


Cheese cracker is a type of cracker prepared using cheese as a main ingredient, along with other common cracker ingredients such as grain, flour, shortening, leavening, salt and various seasonings. The ingredients are formed into a dough and then baked or placed atop warm crackers. Cheese crackers have been described as a "high-calorie snack" due to their higher fat content compared to other types of crackers. Cheese and crackers is a common food pairing that can serve to complement various cheeses, and the dish can be paired with wines. The cheese can be sliced or cubed, and served separately with crackers or pre-placed atop the crackers.

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