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Fruit roll

British pronunciation/fɹuːt ɹəʊl/
American pronunciation/fɹuːt ɹoʊl/
Fruit roll

a type of snack made from dried fruit puree that is typically spread thinly and dried until pliable, resulting in a chewy and sweet treat

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What is "fruit roll"?

Fruit roll-ups are a type of snack food consisting of a thin sheet of fruit puree that is dried and rolled up into a tube. They are usually sweetened with sugar or honey, and can be flavored with various fruits. Fruit roll-ups are a popular snack for children, and are a convenient and nutritious way to enjoy fruit. They are often sold in single-serve packages, making them easy to take on the go.

1Mom, Sarah took the last Fruit Roll-Up! -
2- It's a Fruit Roll-Up. -
3Well, the ketchup Fruit Roll-Ups, that was good.
4Om. - Fruit Roll-Ups, they're good.
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