Wide-tooth comb
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British pronunciation/waɪd tuːθ kəʊm/
American pronunciation/waɪd tuːθ koʊm/

a hair comb with widely spaced teeth used for detangling thick or curly hair with minimal damage

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wide-tooth comb definition and meaning

What is a "wide-tooth comb"?

A wide-tooth comb is a hair tool with widely spaced teeth, designed to detangle and gently comb through wet or dry hair. The wider gaps between the teeth allow for easier detangling without causing excessive breakage or damage to the hair strands. It is especially beneficial for those with curly, thick, or textured hair, as it helps to prevent tangling and minimize frizz. The wide-tooth comb is ideal for distributing conditioner or hair masks evenly throughout the hair, as well as for gently styling and shaping the hair without causing excessive pulling or stretching. It is a versatile tool that promotes healthier hair by minimizing breakage and preserving the natural texture and curl pattern.

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