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Blending scissors

British pronunciation/blɛndɪŋ sɪsəz/
American pronunciation/blɛndɪŋ sɪsɚz/
Blending scissors

specialized scissors used in hair cutting to blend and soften the edges of different hair lengths for a seamless transition

synonyms : blending shear
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blending scissors definition and meaning

What are "blending scissors"?

Blending scissors are specialized scissors used in hairdressing to achieve seamless and natural-looking hair blending. These scissors have two comb-like blades with teeth that help blend different sections of hair together, removing any harsh lines or noticeable transitions. The teeth of the scissors allow hair to pass through while cutting, creating soft and gradual blending effects. Blending scissors are commonly used by hairstylists to blend layers, thin out bulky sections, and achieve smoother transitions between hair lengths. They are a valuable tool in achieving precision and texture in hairstyling, resulting in a cohesive and well-blended hair look.

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