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Security shirt

British pronunciation/sɪkjˈʊəɹɪti ʃˈɜːt/
American pronunciation/sɪkjˈʊɹɪɾi ʃˈɜːt/
Security shirt

a garment worn by security personnel for identification and professionalism in security or law enforcement roles

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security shirt definition and meaning

What is a "security shirt"?

A security shirt is a type of shirt worn by security personnel such as security guards or bouncers, to identify them as being in a position of authority or as part of a security team. These shirts typically have a distinctive design, often including the word "security" or other identifying logos or text. They are usually made from durable, high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of the job and may have features such as reinforced seams or pockets for carrying equipment. Security shirts may also come in different colors depending on the organization or event they are used for, with black and white being common choices. The primary function of security shirts is to provide a visible and recognizable symbol of authority, helping to deter potential troublemakers and reassure the public that security is present and vigilant.

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