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Chef's hat

British pronunciation/ʃɛfz hat/
American pronunciation/ʃɛfz hat/
Chef's hat

a tall, white, pleated hat worn by chefs and culinary professionals, often called a toque, symbolizing expertise and authority in the kitchen

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chef's hat definition and meaning

What is a "chef's hat"?

A chef's hat, also known as a toque, is a tall, pleated, and puffy hat typically worn by chefs while cooking in professional kitchens. The height of the hat signifies the rank of the chef, with the most senior chefs having the tallest hats. The hat is traditionally made of white fabric, which is intended to absorb sweat and prevent it from dripping into the food being prepared. The pleats of the hat are said to represent the number of ways a chef knows how to cook an egg, and the puffy shape is designed to provide ventilation for the head while cooking. Overall, the chef's hat has become an iconic symbol of the culinary arts and the profession of cooking.

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