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Bump cap

British pronunciation/bʌmp ˈkap/
American pronunciation/bʌmp ˈkap/
Bump cap

a protective headgear used in low-risk environments to prevent head bumps, typically worn in industrial, warehouse, or construction settings

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bump cap definition and meaning

What is a "bump cap"?

A bump cap is a type of hard hat that is designed to protect the wearer's head from minor impacts and bumps, rather than serious head injuries. It typically features a lightweight, low-profile design and a soft, padded interior for increased comfort. Bump caps are commonly used in industrial and construction settings, as well as in warehouses and other environments where workers are at risk of hitting their heads on low-hanging objects or sharp corners. While bump caps do not offer the same level of protection as traditional hard hats, they are a more comfortable and practical option for workers who need to wear head protection on a regular basis.

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