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Examination table

British pronunciation/ɪɡˌzamɪˈneɪʃn ˈteɪbl/
American pronunciation/ɪɡˌzamɪˈneɪʃn ˈteɪbl/
Examination table

*** used to support patients during medical examinations

synonyms : exam table
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examination table definition and meaning
1She gets me on the examination table.
2After paramedics brought in Quinn, the mutilated vampire woke up on the examination table and bit Curtis, draining his blood and killing him.
3When the doctor asked Lily to lie down on the examination table, she shuts her eyes and she quietly whispers: "No."
4What that meant was, whenever anybody died, I would bring the body out of the cooler, and put the body on an examination table, and the pathologist would come into the room.
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