cry one's eyes out
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British pronunciation/kɹˈaɪ sˈɒb wˈɒnz ˈaɪz hˈɑːt ˈaʊt/
American pronunciation/kɹˈaɪ sˈɑːb wˈʌnz ˈaɪz hˈɑːɹt ˈaʊt/

to cry a lot and in length

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to [cry|sob] {one's} (eyes|heart) out definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "cry one's heart out" and when to use it?

The phrase "cry one's heart out" can be traced back to at least the 19th century. Its origin lies in the figurative use of the word "heart" to represent the seat of emotions and deep feelings. This expression can be used in personal narratives, literature, movies, or conversations to depict moments of profound emotional vulnerability and catharsis. It can describe someone crying alone in their room, seeking comfort from a trusted friend while pouring out their heart, or experiencing a moment of deep emotional connection.

After the breakup, she locked herself in her room and cried her heart out, releasing all the pain and disappointment she had been holding inside.
When she received the devastating news, she collapsed to the ground and cried her heart out, unable to contain the wave of emotions crashing over her.
In the midst of an emotional breakdown, he sought comfort in his partner's arms, crying his heart out as they provided a safe space for him to unload his anguish.
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Meaning of "To [cry|sob] {one's} (eyes|heart) out"
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