A taste of one's own medicine

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British pronunciation/ɐ tˈeɪst dˈəʊs ɒv wˈɒnz ˈəʊn mˈɛdsən/
American pronunciation/ɐ tˈeɪst dˈoʊs ʌv wˈʌnz ˈoʊn mˈɛdəsən/
a taste of one's own medicine

a harsh or unpleasant way of treating someone that is almost identical to the manner in which they treated one

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a (taste|dose) of {one's} own medicine definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "a taste of one's own medicine" and when to use it?

The idiom "a taste of one's own medicine" has its origins in a proverb that dates back centuries. The proverb "He that will not hear must feel" is one of its earliest forms and implies that those who refuse to listen to advice or admonishments will eventually experience the consequences of their actions physically or emotionally. It is commonly used in situations where an individual is facing the repercussions of their own behavior, especially if that behavior involved mistreatment, deceit, or harm towards others.

Tim had a taste of his own medicine when his colleagues ignored him during a critical project, mirroring his previous behavior of exclusion.
The politician, known for spreading false information about his opponents, received a dose of his own medicine when the media exposed his lies.
After years of lying to his friends, John got a taste of his own medicine when they discovered his deception.
Sarah realized the importance of empathy when she found herself in a challenging situation, experiencing a taste of her own medicine from the past.
The company's dishonest practices finally caught up with them, and they had a dose of their own medicine when their reputation suffered.
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Definition & Meaning of "A (taste|dose) of {one's} own medicine"
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