pull (some) strings
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British pronunciation/pˈʊl sˌʌm stɹˈɪŋz/
American pronunciation/pˈʊl sˌʌm stɹˈɪŋz/

to gain advantage over others by making use of one's contacts and influence in an unfair way

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to [pull] (some|) strings definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "pull strings" and when to use it?

The idiom "pull strings" originates from the world of puppetry, where puppeteers manipulate puppets by pulling on strings or wires attached to them to make them move and perform. In a figurative sense, to "pull strings" means to use one's influence, often behind the scenes, to make things happen or to achieve a desired outcome, just as a puppeteer controls the actions of a puppet. This idiom is commonly used to describe using one's connections, power, or influence to accomplish a goal or sway a decision.

Even though he had no prior experience, he got the promotion because he pulled some strings with the higher-ups.
The politician pulled strings to secure funding for the new community center.
She must have pulled some strings.
He was able to get that job so quickly because he pulled some strings with his uncle, who works in the company.
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Meaning of "To [pull] (some|) strings"
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