let it roll
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British pronunciation/lˈɛt ɪt ɹˈəʊl/
American pronunciation/lˈɛt ɪt ɹˈoʊl/

to allow things to unfold naturally without excessive interference or control, embracing a relaxed and accepting attitude towards the outcome

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to [let] it roll definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "let it roll" and when to use it?

The idiom "let it roll" originated from the world of gambling, specifically from games that involve rolling dice. This idiomatic expression is used to encourage someone to go with the flow, not to worry or interfere, and to allow events or situations to unfold naturally without trying to control or manipulate them.

Rather than micromanaging the project, the team leader encouraged her colleagues to let it roll and foster creativity.
Instead of stressing over every little detail, why not take a step back and let it roll?
Despite the harsh critique of his artwork, he learned to let it roll off his back and continue pursuing his passion.
When faced with a difficult decision, it's sometimes best to let it roll and listen to your instincts.
I know you're worried about the outcome, but sometimes you just have to let it roll and see what happens.
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Meaning of "To [let] it roll"
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