not turn a hair

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British pronunciation/nˌɒt tˈɜːn ɐ hˈeə/
American pronunciation/nˌɑːt tˈɜːn ɐ hˈɛɹ/
to not turn a hair

to stay calm regardless of the situation one is in or things that happened

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to {not} [turn] a hair definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "not turn a hair" and when to use it?

The idiom "not turn a hair" likely originates from the idea of hair being a visible and easily observable part of a person's appearance. When someone remains calm and composed in a surprising or disturbing situation, they do not display any visible signs of emotion on their face or in their behavior, as if their hair has not moved or changed. While the exact historical origin of this idiom is not precisely documented, it emphasizes the idea that a person remains completely unaffected, even though one might expect them to show signs of surprise, concern, or other emotions.

Most people would have been very nervous in that situation, but she never turned a hair.
She didn't turn a hair when she heard the unexpected news about the company's restructuring.
Even though the accident was quite serious, the experienced paramedic didn't turn a hair as he assessed the situation.
I was expecting him to be horrified when he heard the cost but he didn't turn a hair.
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Definition & Meaning of "To {not} [turn] a hair"
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